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Are You Consistently Precise?

Just head to the tee box and double the bets

**However, because this game is cruel, keep a can in the bag**

  • Scratch

  • Chasing the elusive <80

  • "Today is the day I break 100!"

Consistently Imprecise?

"The simplest solution is often the best one"

  • Problem

    Red = You are too close at impact

    Blue = You are too far at impact

  • Solution

    Red = Get further from the ball in your set up

    Blue = Get Closer to the ball in you set up


Dom DIJULIA'S 30+ years of proven Instruction for a consistent SET UP PROCESS

"Consistent Output Requires Consistent Input"

Step 1 - Set The Club

Clubface Aim / Shaft Position

Step 2 - Set Feet

Alignment / Ball Positioning / Stance Width

Step 3 - Set Body

Alignment / Posture / Balance

Step 4 - Set Grip

Arms Relaxed / Top Hand Set / Bottom Hand Set

Step 5 - Fine Tune The Distance From The Ball

The distance from the ball is the input that most directly controls your IMPACT location

The Why?

Contact Is Critical


Because poor contact robs you of shots that could have been fantastic!

An example:

Say you're driving the ball great and you want to hit your drive a little bit further, so you go for it! Despite "grip it and rip it" in the back of your mind, you actually execute a great swing with all the angles correct. Should be a bomb, right? Wrong. It's because your actual contact point was off the toe of the club and now your ball is hooking into the woods.

In the same scenerio, you end up making contact off the top of the club. You've hit a pop-up and your distance off the tee is cut in half...not to mention the potential disruption to the local air traffic control patterns.

Set Your Swing To The Ball

If you have watched golf on TV, you've seen shots that end up in the trees, maybe even witness a few shanks. The point is, even if you have the swing of a tour player, imprecise input still creates imprecise output. Precision begins at address, you must at a minimum, repeat a "good enough" set-up.

The elements of the set-up that most directly effect contact are:

Posture - The way you bend your knees, hips, and spine

Balance - Balanced, are you biased toward your heals or toes

Arm Hang - Hanging down, reaching out, hugging your body

The way that you establish these elements dictates your distance from the ball, and distance from the ball in the set-up is a huge predictor of contact. The goal is to find the "just right" combination of these elements so that your smooth and natural swing arc can collide with the ball.

Make A Swing To Control Contact

Calling attention to the word "SWING" as it is the method we use to play golf...we swing! The word swing implies motion that produces an arc. In every swing that was ever made or will be made, the clubhead travels on an arc. Players who are skilled at making good contact with the ball are simply skilled at orienting their swing arc through the area where the ball resides.

It really is that simple.

1. Pick a swing cue and stick with it! Switching cues too frequently changes your arc, and therefore, your contact.

2. When using a swing cue, remember that the goal is to repeat the motion. Do focus on making a smooth and balanced motion. Do not try and force the swing into the right spots.

3. Remember: Smooth swings produce a repeatable arc.

The Complete Package

Product + Education

From allignment rods to dangling a pool noodle from you forehead, there isn't a lack of training's how to apply the feedback to actually better your game.

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