About Us

About us:

Impact Powder was founded by two competitive brothers who combined their innovative ideas with a general disdain for hitting shots into the woods. In 2017 one of the brothers began working on a formula that would replace current contact training aides. Over the next four years, when testing prototypes in public, one consistent question seemed to come up from those observing. While he likes to claim "it's because I was hitting bombs on the range" the question was simply "what is that?". After allowing other golfers to try the prototypes, the concept was met with a great deal of excitement. That excitement came from a combination of how easy the product was to use in determining impact points, but also seeing the concept of a spray for the first time. 

In 2020 during the government lockdowns, the two brothers started talking a little more seriously about actually turning this idea into a product. At that point the wheels went into motion and they brought on a strategic partner who brought with him experience in E-commerce marketing. Together the three began working with labs and manufacturers within the United States to create a formula specifically for golf. After a year of research and development they settled on a product that checked all the boxes. 

Over time, through a few key interactions, Impact Powder's direction began to take shape outside of just a singular product. Two of the most prominent interactions came through the official partnership with the PGA Section in Philadelphia and the introduction to, now lead ambassador, Dom DiJulia.   

A message from our president

"As a company Impact Industries was established with a few core values that continue to drive our day to day. One of those core values acknowledges that you are never a product of your own wisdom or abilities - we are all rookies at something. Whether it's life lessons, navigating professional waters, or even working toward the perfect golf swing - it’s a constant lifelong process of the pitcher filling and the pitcher pouring out. One of the ways our company is pouring out, is through our charitable partnerships; making a commitment to donate a portion of all proceeds to help positively IMPACT our community. 

We sincerely thank you for your support and interest in our product and brand!"