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Fall in love with the results of center IMPACT

  • Main Product Features

    Doesn't Effect The Ball Flight

    Doesn't Get Stuck In The Grooves

    Wipes Off Easily

    Doesn't Leave A Residue

  • + Education

    Each can comes with our unique Impact Analysis Brochure to maximize your use of our product

  • Product Specs

    50-60 Sprays Per Can

    Non-Flammable Aerosol

    Non-Corrosive Formula

    Made in the U.S.A.

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Quick Start Guide

Step 1 - Apply

Apply a thin layer of Impact Powder onto the clubface

Step 2 - Swing

Hit 5-15 shots in order to develop a pattern


Observe your Impact locations and identify the description that best depicts your pattern

Step 4 - Use the guide to make appropriate adjustments


Impact Powder is truth serum

Show us your Impact pattern and we will guess your handicap!

  • "Definitely worth it. It's a must have for all golfers"

    John F. (14 Handicap)

  • "I've found it really helpful as a putting aide to make sure I'm making consistent contact in the center of the club"

    Ryan Dick / PGA Pro Rutgers Golf Academy (+2 Handicap)

  • "After 2 years of of hitting the ball straight but having inconsistent distances, with the help of Impact Powder, I noticed I was slightly toward the toe with my irons. Using brochure's fine tuning adjustment suggestion i was able to significantly lower my handicap."

    DJ B. (6 Handicap)

  • "There aren't trees on the fairway! Amazing what you learn when you stop hitting it off the toe!"

    Mark P. (22 Handicap)

  • "The most effective training tool I've ever used"

    Jerry D. (16 Handicap)

  • "Before using Impact Powder, I feel like I wasted so much time and money at the driving range. This product has made my range session so much more effective. Best part is, I'm carrying the ball striking over to the course!"

    Andrew P. (10 Handicap)

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